Accountancy/Financial Statements

A thorough collection of all business related receipts is the basis of proper bookkeeping. Beside recording of receipts, cost accounting and reviewing success of operations form essential parts of optimised accountancy.

Hence, performing your bookkeeping also includes a short-term analysis of success:

It enables you to keep an overview of the development of revenues and expenses. This information gives you knowledge concerning the situation of your company and enables you to take timely measures for intervention.

We adjust the range of accountancy to your company:

Revenue/expenditure accountant or balance sheet accountant, the organisation of your accountancy is to follow the particular necessities of your company.

There is, of course, the option to manage the bookkeeping – partly or entirely – on your own.

In this case we would be pleased to advise you on choosing suitable accounting software, we provide training courses for your bookkeeping staff and we keep you informed on changes regarding tax and contribution law.

We provide the following services in the field of accountancy and financial statements: