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Our Historical Development

In 1932 Dr. Rolf Schmidt † founded the partnership  Dr. Rolf Schmidt und Partner which, after interruptions due to the war and war captivity in 1948 developed since 1978 into today’s TREUMERKUR Dr. Schmidt und Partner KG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

Today, five partners providing multiple professional qualifications lead TREUMERKUR Dr. Schmidt und Partner KG. Beside these, two more professionals belong to the management team.. TREUMERKUR Dr. Schmidt und Partner KG provides services in the fields of auditing, business, fiscal and legal consulting. Many major medium-sized producing, trading and service-providing companies organised in various legal forms  count among its clients. The same applies to freelance workers, non profit organisations, associations and public enterprises.

TREUMERKUR Dr. Schmidt und Partner KG has ever since been looking for geographical proximity to its  clients, hence, it is present in Düsseldorf and Cologne.

In 1972 Mister Dieter L. Schmidt entered into a co-operation with today’s HLB Organisation; since that day the partners of  TREUMERKUR Dr. Schmidt und Partner KG have been taking an active and leading part in the future development of this worldwide union of independent auditing companies. Through HLB International London the partners are assisted by local professionals on consulting issues abroad. Thus, even in foreign countries the client may dispose of  qualified services with respect to auditing and tax consulting.

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In November 2011, TREUMERKUR Dr. Schmidt und Partner KG took again part in the system of quality control according to Act 57a section 6 sent. 7 WPO (Auditing Directives) of Wirtschaftsprüferkammer (German Chamber of Certified Public Accountants). The certification will be valid for the following six years and is limited to 31 December, 2017.